Bringing the military build up to Guam should have been prohibited. It is changing the way the Guamanians live. Their migration to Guam has given us an economic boom, but it also is altering the lifestyles of the people of Guam. Many changes are being made on Guam because of the military's migration. Allowing them to reshape the island of Guam, along with their lifestyles should not have happened.

Construction to fix the roads on Guam is very upsetting for the Guamanians. Can you imagine what traffic would be like on this tiny island when the military begins to migrate here? The military are currently taking away land from the Guamanians. Some of the land that they need for their training belongs to the people of Guam, and those people have maintained their land as if it were sacred to them, only because of it being passed down to generations; now that the military needs it, it is a must for them to obtain such a sentimental value.

When the military arrives: they too will be striving to get a second job; they too will be hunting for fish, and they too will be rushing in the morning to get that spot on the beach. Bringing the military to Guam will cause an abundance of competition. The only thing the people can do is to rebel, or fight for their land and not give it up. The military already own the best parts of the island, and now they are going to own more. How can we access these parts of the island that they took without having any military privileges? The military should be prohibited to come to Guam, and just relocate to a bigger island that is ready for them.

The reason why I chose this topic is because I believe that is going to be a huge issue for Guam, especially the people that reside there. I really don't like the fact on what they are doing to our island; they are taking away land from the people, and destroying certain sites on Guam. This relates to Guam, because the military is going to move here whether we like it or not. Also I believe that people of Guam are not speaking loud enough with their comments about this issue, or the people who chose to migrate them here aren't listening well.

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