Biometric Security is developed to identify human beings through their physical characteristics or from their behavior. For example the retinal scan, fingerprints patterns, hand geometry, iris scan, facial characteristics and hand written signature can be used for the recognition of a person. All these characters can vary from person to person. In this system we take the biological information of a human and then store this information in our database. This data base is then useful for the identification or verification of a person.

Biometric security technology stores the biological information of the people, it is typically more reliable for the identification of the people than other identification methods that are being used. Several different types of technologies are being used for the Biometric security systems.

Now a days, in airports, biometrics security systems are also being used. Before the biometric security system became common in airports, they were identifying the people through finger scanning, biographical data and names. The authorities were checking the names to verify if this person was involved in any terrorist activity or if this person was a criminal. Now we can identify a person through the finger scanning. By using the finger scanning technique we can also compare the identities of the traveler with those people who are in the blacklist. By using the biometric security system we are also catering to the other requirements such as ATM Security. Since airport security uses biometrics, now it is very difficult for anybody to claim another's identity even by duplicating or robbing the travel documents of other people.

The first method for the recognition of a person with this system is through facial recognition. Biometric security system identifies each person by analyzing the facial characteristics. These facial characters will differ from person to person. Facial characteristics include the length of the nose, distance between the eyes, angle of the jaw etc. Facial recognition works for both verification and identification of a person.

Secondly recognition can also perform through fingerprint recognition. This method is being used in all over the world for the biometric authentication of a person.

Hand geometry is also playing a vital role in biometrical security system. It is based on the recognition of a person through the analysis of the shape of his hands. However our hands are not descriptive enough for the identification of the people, unlike the fingerprints. These combine many features of an individual person, such as length of the fingers, height, distance between joints and width of the hands.

Voice recognition technology is also being used for the biometric security system. This technique is being used for the unique identification of the voice of a person. Biometric security system matches the pitch, tone, cadence etc for the recognition of a person. Biometric security system captures the individual's speech and then saves it in an electronic format for the recognition of a person through the voice.

Another process which is being used in biometric security system is Iris recognition. It is based on the analysis of a person's distinctly colored ring which surrounds the pupil of eye. There are more than 250 unique characters and these remain constant throughout the life of a person. Authorities are using this technology typically for access control into a facility. These are some common techniques that are being used in Biometric Security System.

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