The India-Pakistan war is one of the most devastating wars ever fought in history. The issues leading to the war began with the partitioning of British India by the colonial masters in 1947. The two states were always in conflict over many issues until the escalation that led to the war in 1965. It initially started with border security officials of both countries fighting and then it got military personnel in both countries getting into heavy fighting in the border regions.

The war lasted for a while as efforts by the international community to stop the fighting did not yield results immediately. The India -Pakistan war had a devastating effect on both countries. The mere name of the war brings in memories that many people would not like to remember in their lives again.

During the war, many people, especially those living along the border areas were displaced. Homes were burnt down and many became homeless. They had to flee their own homes to seek shelter elsewhere. Food and clothing were a major problem at the time and people had to rely on aid to sustain themselves. Many people who could not get access to food aid died of hunger and common diseases.

Aside that, properties worth billions of dollars were destroyed during the war. These properties could have been used to promote the lives of the people. Most people had lost all they had during the war and so had to start from the very beginning after the war. If the war occurs again, then people would have to start over again and again, giving them no chance of continuity and growth.

The governments of the two nations spent a lot of money during the war, which could have been used for development purposes. Governments spent money buying arms and ammunition for the military during the war. They also had to spend on food aid and healthcare for those in the area of the war. Both India and Pakistan would have been more developed if not for that war.

The lives that were lost during the war is better not mentioned. Men, women, young and old died as a result of the war. Those who died were either killed by shooting or died by the conditions in which they lived. Professionals and talented people who could have contributed in building both India and Pakistan perished in the war.

The India-Pakistan war also saw economic activities in the war regions coming to a halt. Many people could not go about their normal businesses for fear of being killed. Schools were closed down and several businesses collapsed because the war environment was unsafe for them to operate. That led to economic recession in both countries. Poverty was widespread and governments could not take care of the people.

The environment also suffered its fair share of the devastation. Many toxic chemicals and gases were released into the atmosphere from explosions. All these contributed to the ozone depletion we are crying about today.

The India-Pakistan war is a period that should never occur again in human history. It destroyed everything that mattered to the people; family, property and wealth. The Kargil war was more specific to a place, but it too was a war, though the extent of the war was far less.

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