Children are born to be active. If you see a child who has been born and is healthy, you will be able to observe the repeated movements of the child. This is because the child is born to be healthy and also to be active. As the child grows too, the child will be active, unless the parents suppress the activities of the child. The obesity of a child is mainly the result of the parents suppressing the activities of the child.

Almost all children want to be very active and run around and play. The parents tend to control this activity of their children because it is very difficult to take care of a child who is always active. This makes the parents to make the child to watch television and reduce their activities. This in turn will cause the child to slowly reduce the activities and become obese. This can also lead to other health problems.

1. Decrease time for television and other sitting activities:

The time that the child spends in front of the television has to be decreased because this will make the child to be healthier. The child has to be encouraged to spend a lot of time doing various activities that needs running around and also walking. The sitting activities have to be limited for the child to have a healthy life and also to be active. These days, the computers seem to have taken the role of the televisions in the previous years. Many children are becoming obese because they spend a lot of time in front of the computers playing various video games and also browsing the internet.

2. Be an example for your child:

As a parent, you should be an example to your child and be active yourself. Almost all the activities that the child learn is from the parents and if you lead a healthy life, then your child is also sure to lead a healthy life by being active. You should also play various games with your child in the outdoor as this will encourage the child to also start liking the outdoor. If you stay inside the house and tell your child to play out in the garden, then it is not going to work.

3. Talk about a physical activity:

Talking about a physical activity will itself cause the child to have a mind that is open to various outdoor physical activities. This is something important that you have to do for your kids. If you are talking negatively about things like physical activity and other things, you will not be able to encourage your kids to actually take part in any physical activity.

4. Encourage new and interesting activity:

There are many new and interesting activities that you can encourage your child to do and these activities include varied activities like swimming, riding, hiking, yoga and many other activities that are all activities that cause increased physical activity. These activities will help your child to grow and live a happy and healthy life.

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