There is one thing in the world that everyone faces at some point of their lives. And that is - humiliation. Everyone has a fear of living how others like because of this evil thing. Is it so necessary that you have to dress up or act according to how the society likes? If you ask me, that's how you have to be or that's how you are made to be eventually. But those who can fight it can win over it. And the numbers of the fighters is very less.

Now to my part of the story,
I had a very bad dilemma today. I was called to my friend's treat. And for your knowledge, my class is full of North Indians. And I am a South Indian - an Iyer. And the girls wear only tee shirts and the boys obviously wanna look at girls who wear tee shirts. Being a girl from a family which doesn't earn much and a very reserved family, I am forced to wear something that is decent enough. At times, I feel my dressing sense is pathetic. Because in my class, what all girls wear are cute ones which always make me feel insecure and degraded. At times, I feel I can get a tee shirt and wear that too. But what's the point of wearing a tee shirt which your family doesn't like? And you wear it just to satisfy some people who are so bitchy? It's not that you are comfy wearing tee shirts either. Its just that you get that wish because someone else wears it. To be frank, I have only 2 tee shirts which wont attract anyone's look. They say I look very pretty in a tee shirt. But who cares? So i sat at home, thinking all morning about what to do. I had no other choice other than to continue sitting at home, not attending the treat giving some lame excuse. This is the only choice I had to avoid the humiliation. Of course, people wont talk in front of me. That wont hurt. But why take chances? Public figure is something which is very important. I think I took a nice decision because when I saw the photos they took, the 2 girls were beautifully dressed. I would have been a laughing stock.

This is just one common example where we think of other people's response before performing any act. There are people suffering all this. But that doesn't mean they should lock themselves up the way I did. I was just too afraid to face it. But i do not feel about it. Its something that I have gotten used to.

For people who did not know the saying,
" People who get humiliated are the ones who achieve whereas people who humiliate are the ones who end up losing. "

Swetha Prasad.

P.s - This is my first article! :)

About Author / Additional Info:
I am a student from India.