Personality depends on things you are born with and things you assimilate during the interaction with the immediate environment. Both the features make you identity yourself unique and different from others. However, personality is also marked by some common or general traits that manifest through the behavior, feelings, and thoughts of the people.

Though the world is thickly populated with people of different races, cultures, nationalities, and the fundamentals of human nature bind them together as a single race of the same planets. Despite that, they are divided on the basis of political, economic, religious, racial, linguistic, social, cultural, technological, and environmental conditions. If they fight, they fight due to these reasons. If they tolerate, they tolerate because they know there is no other way out. Similarly, if they live selflessly or selfishly, they cannot help themselves being otherwise. In the words of

What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how
infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and
admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like
a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals--
Hamlet, by Shakespeare

The picture of the world never remains the same due to the fact that man portrays the world and the world portrays the man. It is a world where the notions of human nature are changing very quickly. As a result, man is not in a position to make a sense of life. It is so to large extent due to media and internet. Both falsely force them to cherish the notion of single world culture. But the reality is that there is a huge gap between developed and underdeveloped or developing countries. The leverage, in the form of lifestyles, consumption patterns, and technological advancements, which the developed world has over the less developed, is hinting towards some catastrophic instability.

In the light of fundamental human modes of thinking and feeling the clash of human sensitivities and sensibilities is inevitable. Any wistful thinking that this clash can be avoided through some kind of hegemony could prove fatal for the cause of humanity. At present, in this connection, the so called well planned strategies of the rich and the developed are showing cracks. At the cost of the poor, the rich is uselessly beating the drum of success and achievement. The champions of social and political rights are even failing at their home. While externally, their hunt is that of a proud wounded dog. You cannot be safe in this way; you cannot play superior role in this way; you even cannot be listened and liked by anyone. You better exhibit and show rather then teach and preach what you are not and can't be. Your dilemma is greater than the dilemma you are out for solving. If you will keep doing this, you will end up merely some notion of human nature while the actual energies of human nature will not only leave you far behind but will also emerge victorious.
This problem exists from top to bottom. The environment is such that great personality is not in the making which was not the case in the past history of mankind. Many great men were in the making that left tremendous results of great service to mankind. Today, you hardly come across gigantic figure capable to lead the world...though the need is greater now.

However, today they can do one thing at least i.e. respect and satisfy human nature rather than follow any falsely cherished notion of it. They must not forget that Nature is above human nature

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