Happiness is not an accident, nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design.

In today's era, everyone is searching ways to remain happy in his/her life. Some of us are joining clubs, classes where the keys are discussed to live happy. Accepts the life the way it comes. If we talk about teenagers, then they always in tension. This is because of their life style. They want to do something extra, something amazing. They waste their precious time in finding something new and extraordinary. Instead of doing all this, you have to do ordinary things in extra ways. STRESS is the devil of the teen's life. Depression is a drug that turns you into a person exactly opposite of yourself. It is like a deep dark pit that once you have reached the bottom, there is no escape. Feeling depressed is normal about any failure or some loss but remember one thing, losing something is not the end of your life, its a bend in life. From every bad thing happen to you, you have to learn a lot of things. Life is not to worry about past and bad experiences. It's all about to live happily and moving forward without any stress. There are lots of beautiful things in life to do. You just need courage. Never lose hope.

Why most of the teenagers are becoming the victims of depression and then committing suicide??? The main reason of this is the change in their daily life. They are undergoing so many changes daily that affects their mood and behavior. When they are not able to adjust to that changes, they go for depression. Fear of losing someone special is another cause of this. Some of the other reasons are failure, lack of love, burden of studies, etc.

Mostly those teens become victims of depression, who live alone, have no friends, don't share their problems with anyone.

Teen depression and suicide often company one another. The best example for this is a 3-IDIOT movie.
When one gets depressed, he/she wants to commit suicide. but they do not know that committing suicide is not the solution of your problem, it is the cause of other problems. As you know there is no lock without key. Similarly there is no problem without solution. You have to keep patience and should have faith in yourself. And also everything happens for a reason. Try to be happy in critical solutions. Life is very precious for everyone. Living the life is real courage not ending the life. As the coin has two sides, similarly, each and every thing has two aspects-good and bad. It is your view to see the things in this world. Never blame your luck if something bad happens to you. Luck is with them, who knows how to do hard-work not with those who just want to live free. We have to live happy and also to make others happy. If you see someone worried tensed then try to help him/her in solving their problems. If he/she is thinking to commit suicide then take proper actions to make them understand the beauty of life. All of us have to always remember that "Life is Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gam".

If you think that there should not be any problem in life only happiness should be there then you are wrong, this is not life. You are not able to live happily if no problem is there. It seems to be funny but actually not. Think over it.problems are the part of life. Solving them without any fear is the talent of the person. Hard work is the key of success. if you fail the first time, then go for another chance. If again fails then go for one more. you should try till you get success.
"A day without laughter is a day wasted". so always keep smiling and help others.

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