Examination is a word which itself describes the overall integration of the gained knowledge to be applied in order to be promoted further to have a different kind of experience in the up step ladders. It is almost essential in the lives of all the individuals because till now no any other modes of processes have been developed to proceed further or to be promoted a step ahead in the struggle of life.It can also be considered as an evil since most of the people generally shiver by its name.Even after having a deep understanding of the fact that without being appeared and without having a better performance in the examination people cannot imagine themselves in the queue of the successful persons, then also there is a kind of hesitation and lack of confidence inside most of the students of the country. Examinations makes the students get anxious and make them suffer from examfobia by spending sleepless nights, troubled thoughts, loss of appetite, unwanted increase in pulse rates etc. Sincere, reliable,honest and laborious students are observed in deep stresses by the parents and teachers even after having a better preparation for the examinations. Such a kind of feelings towards examinations are observed only due to the fact that almost all the students have a positive thought for their secured future and hence they do not want themselves at all to compromise with their golden future waiting ahead at any cost.

Stresses are one of the most damaging evils which destroys the willingness of the students to study, develops a feeling of inferiority and enforces the students to have a worst performance in the examinations. Hence,it must totally be crashed out by applying the techniques to get rid of the stresses. For it, the students must have a deep believe and honour in the existence of the god and also inside themselves for the blasting performance. They should not only develop a habit to worry but they must also make themselves empowered to take the suitable action to end it. Regular study with consistent balance in the subject matters alongwith the proper and effective time management are the master keys for the students to succeed in the examinations. The regular study and consistent balance in the subjects regularly reduces the stresses because the students use to get inside the depth of the concerned papers but with a proper sequence and planned study. Time management enforces the students to keep their appropriate balance throughout the entire syllabus and the things use to get easier and easier and easier.They do not suffer at all with the examination stresses since at the time of the examinations,such a kind of students not only have a sufficient command over the syllabus but their level of confidence are also found increased and enhanced.

To cap it all, without any hesitation, it can undoubtedly be made clear from the above written facts that an effective and properly scheduled strategic system of study leads the students to the path of success and make themselves loaded with the power of knowledge to win the world within a limited time span.

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