As authorities demolished the squater's area along North Bound Lane in EDSA (Edsa- National Highway in the Philippines), a chaos began as the people who lives there tried to stop them. The situation became worst when people began throwing rocks on the demolition team even if they knew that they can do nothing for the other side has the court order from the government.

People who lives at the squater's area are called 'skwater' in the Philippines. They are people who does not have permanent homes. The authorities demolished thousands of homes which
leaves 9000 families homeless, who once lived in that 32 hectars area along North Bound Lane.

The chaos lasted for twenty minutes. There were throwing of rocks and the people began to block the highway by placing their things on the road. Because of this trouble, a huge traffic jam lasted for a whole day. The highway looked more like a parking lot for there were no cars moving because of the tragedy happening.

The people began to mourn as they realized that there is nothing they can do. As the chaos finally ended, they began to pack their things up. Some of them stayed for a while under the waiting shed as they think of a way how to continue stepping forward and where to live.

But the authorities did not demoliosh the area for no reason at all, of course. The government is building a central hall there for the City of Quezon. But there is no way that the people cound understand this. One of the residents there said, "The government should build houses for us, homeless, there instead of building something that less people can actually benefit from."

At some point, I found that statement reasonable. The government should build houses for the homeless so that there would be no demolition process anymore. So that these people won't have to migrate and immagrate from different places in the country.

But on the other hand, I find the people very stubborn because the government already warned them three times that there would be a demolition to be happened in a few months and that they have to move to the place where the government is relocating them. But none of them bothered to listen and just stayed that way until the demolition happened.

Now, these 9000 families have nowhere to go and does not even know if they can start all over again. But there is still hope, right? As long as they believe in themselves..

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