You are at a greater risk when you receive a letter in the mail from a company that has access to your personal information stating you've been a victim of a data breach. While these letters are, unfortunately, arriving in your mailbox everyday, it's important to pay close attention to these letters, documents or anything that has personal information that could damage to you for life. The gator locking mailbox insert is a cheap effective way to help prevent identity theft from your mailbox.

Did you know that identity theft victims spend 3 to 5,840 hours repairing damage done by identity theft? The average number of hours, victims spend repairing the damage caused by identity theft is 330 hours. The gator locking mailbox insert is a great deterrent to keep your identity safe.

Practical and emotional cost of identity theft
• 47% of victims have trouble getting credit or a loan as a result of identity stolen
• 19% of victims have higher credit rates and 16% have higher insurance rates because of identity stolen
• 11% of victims say identity theft has a negative impact on their abilities to get jobs.
• 70% of victims have trouble getting rid of (or never get rid of) negative information in their records.
• 40% of victims experience stress in their family lives as a result of displaced anger and frustration over their identity stolen.
• 45% of victims feel denial or disbelief.
• 85% of victims anger and rage.
• 45% of victims feel defiled by their identity stolen.
• 42% of victims feel an inability to trust people because of the identity theft
60% of victims feel unprotected by the police. The gator locking mailbox insert will help prevent identity theft from your mailbox.
Statistics show that most likely you will know the people that will still your identity.
• 43% of victims believe they know the person who stole their identity.
• 14-25% of victims believe the imposter is someone who is in a business that holds their personally identifying information.

In closing here a few tips on how to reduce your chance of identity theft from your mailbox. First pay your bill at the post office. Never leave your unpaid bills in your mailbox. Second be diligent about checking statements. This actually has two benefits. First, if you are diligent about checking your bank and credit statements each month, you will be aware if one of them doesn't arrive and that can alert you that perhaps someone stole it from your mailbox or while it was in transit. Second, you can ensure that the charges, purchases or other entries on the statement are legitimate and match up with your records so that you can quickly identify and address any suspicious activity. The Gator locking mailbox insert deterrent will help save you money and most importantly, your identity.

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