Our country India which on one hand is accepting western culture , on the other hand is so backward in thinking that they are killing their own goddess,their own durga laxmi, saraswati,etc..

Yes, I am talking about female infanticide, though this practice has become less in India but is still existing .Even in today's world people want to know sex of the child before birth people having daughters try for son. I have seen people who have 7 daughters are still trying for son and they have done abortion of female if there is a female baby. People in todays world think that girls are liability they have to give dowry when their girls marry and girls wont even extend their name ie. last name because their caste will be changed after marriage and boys will continue to do so even after marriage,but my dear parents you don't even know that your dear son can change his religion to marry a girl of other religion he love, if you don't know then see the cases.

We have forgot that female support even after marriage. People think that their boys will provide them support at their old age and girls wont be able to do so after marriage but my dear now life has changed boys after marriage spend money on their family which consist of their wife and children parent are excluded from their family while girls even after marriage support their parents emotionally , financially and morally, if now a days you see TV soaps then you can see our current society that girls support more than boys or equally well.

Its female who give birth to child not male why have we forgot that ,its due to female that male come into existence and have their life so how shameless is it that we are killing the person who has given us life, due to which all males are able to see the beautiful life.

Your women do the household duties ,can man do house work ,yes but quiet difficult for them managing home with work, so have they thought who will look after their house. Who will do their household work ,who will prepare food, and who will give them relaxed enviornment when they come home from office, it's the lady of the house , YOU need them.

Its female who give meaning to men's life,man are incomplete without women , women are said to be better half of men.

Don't stop the ways of your success by killing female, its women who always pray for their man success, that's why we say that behind every successful man there is a women ,why don't we say the opposite.

We make women responsible for birth of female child but scientifically its male who are responsible for this.You know the game of chromosomes ,its male chromosomes who decide the birth of male and female so rather than killing the baby we should punish the father who is responsible for this.

Even though we don't kill female in good families but still when we hear news of male there is a shine of happiness in our face and at the same time when we hear that baby girl is born our face becomes dull.

When in today's world the rights of girls and boys are becoming equal then why not life why are we not giving chance to baby girls to live eqully to baby boys.

We are forgetting that its female who have given so much to our country . Singers like Lata Mangeshker has given her lovely voice to our India , Indian astronaut like Kalpana Chawla
Even in some profession we only need women such as receptionist , etc. so when there is need of women in so many phases of life then why are we killing them.

People today who have 2 daughters always want to try for 3rd son , they give attempt until they get baby boy, I have also seen people who have 7 daughters but still they are trying for son such a craze of baby boy that they have also cross their limit of having kids and if they get another girl they would kill her.

Have you (male) ever thought who will be there to message your hair when your headache , your mom , who will be there to listen to you when you go through tension and problems , your sister , who will be there to support you throughout your life , your wife all these are female and you need them in every phase of life

How can you kill the baby who is too innocent , who is too sweet for all this ,why she( baby girl) should be punished for the crime you have done , its you who are responsible for her birth ,now before even thinking to kill your baby girl just once look into those innocent eyes , then may be your heart will throb before commiting this brutal crime..

We always say that we have daughters now we want to try for a boy. We never say with that desperation that we have boys and we have to try for girls such discrimination WHY, now there is nothing which boys can do and girls cant, girls are equally well as boys are so stop creating a difference that your darling boys can do something good to you (parents) which girls cant .
Your daughter is equally well to become your son .

If you will kill girls like those one day there will be deficiency of girls to marry to your boys , then you will stop killing girls because then it will be your need.

Come on guys we are 21st century people our thinking has changed a lot . When we have ended Sati Pratha,and purdha system for our girls then we can go against killing of our girls and that too of a baby girl who doesn't deserve to be killed. Don't make mother of the baby so helpless that even she wish to kill her baby , come on she is a mother, she has kept that baby for 9 months in her stomach , just feeling that you have a baby inside you is such a wonderful experience how can you let go that experience worst by doing such act, for the mother there is never a difference between her children whether its girl or boy.

Take a step move forward educate and tell people who have this thinking that girls are burden its only you who can change your society.

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