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Articles by Raja Vikram:
  • Marketing Environment ( 11418 reads)   

    The article is about the Marketing Environment of Companies . (Internal and External ) - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • The Value Chain of a Company ( 2917 reads)   

    The article is about the value chain of business , and how it add value to the end user? - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • B2B - B2C Marketing ( 4269 reads)   

    This article is about the Business activities and The difference between B2B and B2C. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management ( 2837 reads)   

    This article is to give an idea of what is Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) is about. SCM typically involves coordination of information and materials among multiple firms. - Category: Others
  • Leader - Trend Setter in Tollywood ( 2473 reads)   

    This article is about the change happened in the Tollywood movies trend , by the movie leader. - Category: Entertainment
  • MBA as a Career ( 2393 reads)   

    This article is about the post Graduate degree of Business Administration and how it is useful for the future of Career. MBA (Master of Business Administration), is a degree which gives you the In and Out of Business Practices. - Category: Careers
  • 4P's of Marketing - Marketing Mix ( 5981 reads)   

    This article keeps on track of the 4P's of Marketing or the Fundamental Mix of Marketing. Product Decision, Price Decision, Place Decision and Promotion Decision. - Category: Education
  • Tollywood - Cinema Industry of Andhra Pradesh ( 4046 reads)   

    This article is about the film industry of Andhra Pradesh, India . - Category: Entertainment
  • What is Marketing? ( 4234 reads)   

    This article speaks about the different definitions ,Concepts of Marketing. - Category: Education
  • SEZ and its Advantages in INDIA. ( 5557 reads)   

    This article is to tell about the SEZ and its benefits. In lay man terms Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region given to the companies by Government with an Advantages over economic laws and Taxes to create a hassle free environment of Exports and Imports. - Category: Education
  • Why to go Rural India? ( 3375 reads)   

    This is about the companies which are moving into rural areas for their marketing and growth. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Is Sales and Marketing Are Same? ( 2906 reads)   

    This is about showing the sales and marketing differences as well as Integration . - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • The Changing Scenario of Business and Marketing. ( 18843 reads)   

    This is about the changing scenario of marketing with the help of different factors. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • E-Marketing and Its Role -Different From Traditional Marketing ( 4789 reads)   

    The article is about the increasing trend of technology and how it helped for the role of Marketing. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Branding and Its Importance For Marketing of Products ( 3560 reads)   

    The brand image of company and its products which are helping them out for marketing. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Do we Require MBA to Be an Entrepreneur? ( 3903 reads)   

    Is the Education of MBA really helpful for us to manage a Business? - Category: Education
  • Mass Media Influence in the Society ( 14545 reads)   

    The Exponential growth of Mass media and How it is Influencing Society in Positive and Negative ways. - Category: Others

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