The trend at the present scenario talks about MBA (Master of Business Administrations). We know that a higher percentage of graduates join in MBA for their PG program. They do have their ambitions or goals to achieve through MBA. Experienced People as well as fresher do join in MBA Program. Different B Schools offer different syllabus or curriculum.

Leaving behind top management colleges it is important for a management student to choose the projects and specialization in the program with a rich maturity. The projects done in MBA really helps and supports a lot for the future growth of the students. It is advisable to work on passion and learning attitude in a project. It is being observed that many students of management from different colleges do summer intern very casually. Even sometimes the colleges do the same they take the things so lightly that a project is nothing but a data book with binding. But it is an important task for the management graduates to do well.

A summer internship will always tell you about the company, strategies, work culture, Attitude at work place and many more related to organizational behaviour. If it is for fresher then it will for sure an important project work to do.

Let's discuss an example of MBA Marketing project work. An MBA Marketing grad will always get a project work of Marketing research only instead of a project with full of marketing concepts. This is because the companies want to show them the taste of the field work where they can learn a lot. And they are fresh management grads so they can give better results through their hard and smart work is the believe from companies. But as it is a field work and related to marketing research most of the candidates do not fulfil the job well. Any how they will prepare the final report with some collected data and submit at company ,college for marks and to get passed out of that semester. But the project will not be of any use for company as well as for the student. But if the project is done with superiors guidelines in the company and at College then for sure the student can learn a lot. It will help him to fetch data, approach, and competitor's information for the particular product line. He or she can understand well about the field work which will help him or her to grow in their careers.

To make it short, let's say it is project work to find the "opportunities of Audio visual products in Hyderabad" which is a marketing research project work. The information can be collectable through questionnaires and can be summarized with the SPSS (A statistical tool) to render better analysed reports. If the information is collected in honest and the project is done with full of guidelines then the student can learn a lot of factors such as Market potential, product line, Competitors information, Targeted customers, Sales pitching and so on. These factors will support the student in their placement interviews and as well as in their careers after studies.

It is important to do the project work with utmost attention. It is necessary for the colleges to help their students in these projects and make sure that they are going to learn something in the period of the project work. Students themselves need to realize the scenario and have to get through the work which is for sure will help them in their working career.

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