KAM/CAM- Key account manager or corporate account manager is the new tag or designation for a salesman in this corporate world. The B2B sales have really emerged with few skills for a salesman to be. The stiff competition in this era has really put the organizations a question mark for their sales to happen in which way? Most of the organizations have taken clear steps to achieve their objective through the proper planning. And sales team is the front end for an organization. People will come to know about the brand through their sales and marketing team only. If it is B2B sales then the higher probability will be through sales team. The brand image for a customer will happen depending upon their sales team. The sales of IT and OA products in a B2B market have really changed the dimensions of sale. Corporates are looking for skilled people with knowledge on products for their sales team to fit. There may be lot of KRA's a salesman has to fill up. But what will the role of a KAM when it comes for self-regulation. Let's discuss with few points.

Few points

Account Knowledge: Knowledge about the complete account or in lay man terms about the customer. KAM should know each and everything about the clients need and information required. Because through this KAM can really help the client in needy situation.

Be a solution provider and adviser: Customers will look for the knowledgeable and solutions provider salesman to reach them. Client will always look for a KAM who can really satisfy his needs on time with cost effectiveness. Customers need a trusted KAM who can give them a peaceful advice for the products or solutions what they are looking for.

Be Ethical: The most important term or role for a KAM is to be Ethical or be human in sales. Do not get pushed by targets or numbers. Be ethical to yourself and to the customers. Numbers will happen automatically once the customer will know the qualities from your end. Even if you are doing sale be a Human because you are also a human.

Work on your skills: Skills can be attitude, knowledge, honesty, presentation, soft skills, communication, body language, energy and smile on your face. This will really makes you to build good relationship with your client so that you can achieve what you need.

Personal Grooming: For a salesman in professional environment it is important to look for their personal grooming. Wear formal dress with tie, have a clean shave with a smile on your face, Black belt with black shocks and shoe or brown belt with brown shoes and matched shock with the colour of your trouser, The shoe should be a formal one, be clean and attractive while at customers place.

These are the few points which can really helpful for a KAM or CAM in this B2B environment.

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