Dhoni Sena will face the test on Sunday against Mumbai Indians on the final match of IPL. It will be an interesting match for all. That is players, franchise, audience and bookies.

Mumbai Indians have won all most all good matches. The team is really strong enough on batting. The skipper and the best batsman Sachin Tendulkar is the important player of the side. But he is injured in the last match, with six stitches to hand. Hence it will be a bit tough decision if he is not going to play in the final. But as per his statement he is going to play on the finals. The team is really strong and they have different strategies for the opposition.
The last matches with CSK they won, Tendulkar gave a good knock to win those matches. It is important for Mumbai Indians to think of the final match well.

Dhoni sena has been doing well from the last four matches. Most of the people thought that they are going to be out from the trophy. But the knock of Dhoni in Dharamshala was very good. It inspired the whole team to fight back in the next matches, which they did well. But it will be a testing time for the team to play with Mumbai Indians on final. They need to take care of their batting department to get more hold on the match. As they have been doing well in their bowling and fielding.

It will be a real time to test their performance in the final match. The skipper needs to take care of the whole team. If they will do well in the batting, and perform well in their bowling and fielding which they did in semi final will really help them out.

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