The companies are looking to work out for different strategies so as to reach the customer. As the competition is increasing each company is working out their strategies to overcome competition. Some with Relationship Marketing , some with other marketing tool. But end of the day all is to retain customer so as to make profits in return. Marketing becomes complex day by day, because of which companies are trying to implement new strategies. So from this, The concept of Integrated Marketing started.

"The process of assembling all the marketing activities to create,communicate and deliver to the consumers by adding value is Integrated Marketing." So for a firm to know all its marketing activities and to make a decision to deliver it to the customer by adding value is a tough task. Business Must Integrate with the Demand, resource and Network Management so as to reach the profits.

Company uses marketing tools to pursue its marketing Objectives. So it should take care of each step before implementing. The Integrated Marketing is to Influence the trade channels as well as the final consumer. It is a process of Offering mix and Communication mix so as to reach the channel partners and consumers. In other words we can say that utilising Marketing Mix as Integrated marketing.

The offering mix can be Company and its products/services/prices, Communication mix can be Promotional activities such as advertising, PR,Direct Marketing and Personal selling. These two are integrated to deliver added value to the distributor and consumer.

The firm can change price, sales force, and advertising in short term but for products and Distribution modification should look at long term. So the Integrated marketing helps the company to look at Internal and External Activities . They can modify the mistakes time to time so as to make profits. So the product is for customer solution, Price is customer cost, Place is convenience, and promotion is communication. So all the P's works to reach the customer.

So integrated marketing helps the company to assemble the marketing activities so as to reach value added products to customers. There are certain tasks included to maintain channels and Consumers for implementing the tool of Integrated Marketing.

It helps the company to act with all integrated marketing activities , so as to make the customer and partners satisfied. This is the tool to reach the customers as well as partners in a better way.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India. With an experience in Marketing.

Reference: Philip Kotler.