The state with full of natural resources and minerals is Orissa. In this state the district called Koraput which is well aware for its nature and thick forest. The district is full of natural resources. The area is complete greenery with forest. The area is surrounded by mountains and covered with green forest and red soil fields. The area looks amazing in the winter season. With a spell of rain it looks much more attractive. And Deomali is such a peak in this area.

Deomali is having the elevation of 1672m and recorded as the highest peak in Orissa as well as the tallest in the Eastern Ghats. It is situated near the Doodhari village, 35km away from Koraput. The peak is very attractive and gives a pleasant experience to watch the film of nature.

It is surrounded by thick green forest and flowing water falls. It looks amazing when you check this out from the top of the hill. The ghat roads give you a thrilling experience. The Rail route gives you a pleasant experience of passing the tunnels. This is not only a tourism spot but also sports, Adventurous place. Hence this place will give you the both ways of feel. The place is of complete entertainment.The place is amazing for all kind of people. It is a place for the nature lovers and adventerous people.

By reaching the place you will find both the things as peace and happiness. The better time to go the place is Monsoon and winter season. The place is situated 2900 ft. of above sea level. Hence there will not be any hesitation in saying that this place is really wonderful to feel.

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