Companies are working on the marketing tools to tap the rural market. They are finding new ways to find more information about the rural market. By knowing profile of consumer is not enough for them to tap the market, it is in need to know more about their shopping habits. It will be good if they catch the exact thing of shopping at rural market.

The shopping habits may depend upon the market also. If the market is good enough then it may change. Any ways it is all about the companies reaching the market by knowing the background information of habits and shopping.

The shopping habits may depend upon some factors such as Retailer, Product /service availability, Opinion leaders, getting information etc. Hence all these are the factors which may have direct or indirect impact on the shopping habits. They look into different factors to buy a product. It's all about price, product and usage if they consider a product. They do not look for brand and its features.

They prefer small and medium packaged products rather to go for high end products. As there is more number of daily earning people than the salaried one. Therefore they prefer for the small packets on daily or weekly basis. The packaging and pricing should be provided to them on the need basis will help the companies to sell them out in the market. There are good numbers of companies who have done the same exercise and succeeded. For Ex: Tiger biscuit of Britannia, Tide of P&G, Shampoo packets from HUL, and Coca cola for small one with Rs.5.

Apart from these the major player is the retailer in the market. He is good enough with relationships and giving credits to the customer. The people who need products on credit they will take the product from the retailer only. And he suggests them the exact product to buy. Hence people have lot of faith in them. According to a research it shows that 35% of purchasing decision gets influenced by the retailer in the rural market. Product availability also plays a vital role. Hence companies need to work on that. For ex: HUL does it well, their SCM is strong enough and they reach the market on time.

Before buying a product they try to gather the information. They get the information from different sources. But when it's about decision making they ask the opinion leaders. They take the suggestion of the opinion leaders to buy the product. In the past they used to consult elder people, but it has changed to consult educated youth for the decision.

By looking the advertisement in TV they do not go to buy the product, they need a touch and feel of the products. Once they are ok with that they go for the long term with the products. Hence it is important for the companies to work on the demo basis in rural market. Even the decision also depends upon who the person is giving. For ex: for the Colgate tooth paste it will be good if the advice comes from the doctor. For the pesticides and fertilizers it will be good if it comes from the elder and experienced farmer or an agri graduate.

Hence depending on all these they prefer to buy the products. They look at different opinions and purchasing power to buy a product. Hence it is better for the companies to work on the exact need of them.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India

Reference: Mr.Balaram Dogra and Mr. Karminder Ghuman