Indian market is like a hub of opportunities for Telecom players. The companies are working out for different strategies to tap the market. The existing players like BSNL, Airtel, Aircel, TATA, and Reliance have laid foundations in the market. Hence it is becoming a difficult task for the new players to be in the market and to deal with these players. Hence new companies are coming up with their new strategies to tap the market.

The player from real estate background has tied up with Norway based telecom company to enter the market is Uninor. They have entered the market with 29paise scheme. But other players also came up with new strategies; hence it becomes difficult for them to tap the market. Hence they started to tap the market with a target on Youth and Cost benefit set of people. They came up with a different scheme like Discount given according to the places. As the place changes the discount plan changes, by which they are doing good in the market. Now other player like,MTS, which has entered the market recently. To penetrate the market they came up with the strategy like for two seconds one paise or half paise for one second. Hence these new players are working really hard to tap the market.

Hence Indian market is like a basket of opportunities. Here there is a scope for each player but it all depends how you have delivered your schemes and offers to the customer who loves to spend money for mobiles if they are ok with those. Hence the new players are doing well but need to develop more strategies as the existing players are coming up with different strategies. This market is not at all constant; increasing competition may be a problem for new companies if they are not coming up with good ideas. Hence it is all depends upon how you react at the market with new strategies which our new entrants are doing. Hence the new players with new plans are doing good job in the market.

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