Indian Idol is the show loved by most of the people. Now a day the craze it has in youth is fantastic. It is really a wonderful Programme. The TRP of the Programme is also good that shows how many people love to watch the Programme. Hence it becomes so popular that most of the people sit in front of the TV at nine o clock in the night. The Programme has caught the attention of the audience. It is being telecasted from the five years and this is the fifth season running. They have their brand season under Sony Entertainment. At present it is helping out some teams to have promotions. It becomes a strategy for the movie people and Sony Team to work for their promotions.

The Team of "House full" Movie came in the show as Guest Judges. Here they have given some suggestions to the participants which are useful for them. Apart from that they had promotion for their movie House Full. Then it's the turn for "Badmash Company "team. That is the team of the movie Badmash Company. The team members are Sahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, and the former Runners Indian Idol Ziang. Hence it becomes a promotional activity for their movie too. They have given some useful tips for the Participants. Apart from this they had T-shirts and Caps with their movie name on them, which shows a promotional activity for their movie.

Leaving Movies Behind, Sony has the promotions of their shows like CID and Boogie Woogie through the Host Husain and abhijeet In Indian Idol. And they have even included Krishna and sudesh of Comedy Sangram to perform in the middle of the Programme. Here it worked with two things one is to entertain audience and other one is to promote their own Programme. Hence it is the time for the team to check with their latest programs and movies for promotions at the show. This becomes a great strategy from the team to have promotions in the popular programs like Indian Idol. Hence the show is not only giving platform for the upcoming singers but also for the movie industry for promotions.

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