We live in a society full of relationships. Each relationship has some name to itself. There are relations like aunt, uncle, cousin so on. Each relation has some essence in it. If we look at the present scenario the relationships are become selfish in nature. Each relation is asking something in return. If we leave all these Blood relationships we have a great relationship with us that is Friendship. According to my view it is a God's gift to human being.

The only relationship continues the journey till the last breath is friendship. A great saying " Having no one does not called as an Orphan, Living without a friend to share is called as an Orphan". Hence we look friendship as a boon to us. We share, fight, laugh, eat, drink, roam, everything with friends. Although we are different but live as one.

As the time is changing even we are classifying friendship. We look them as Closer friend, Soul mate, Roommate, Batch Mate, Best Friend, Comrade, colleague, sometimes a boy/girl in a street is also a friend. But we call them as hi bye friend in nature. Whatever be the nature we love to make friends and try to live with them.

The daily life is getting hectic and we are finding no time for our enjoyment. But we take at least a two min of time to speak to our best friend. We feel that if we do like that then a find a kind of relaxation. We feel that it is the only relation with lots of value within. The values like truth, honesty, sincerity, love, affection, help, sympathy Understanding are with the relationship. It is the only relationship with no investment and ROI.

Whatever be the country, location region we make friends. If we meet a new person somewhere we call them as a friend only. There is no age bar for the friendship. It does not have any kind of link with age. It comes truly from heart. We create different messages for friends. We love our friends; we help our friends in each and every moment of life.
This is all about to speak about friendship, but it is a kind of relationship where words are not enough to explain.

" A friend is someone, who loves you more than himself".

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India.