A state where entertainment is of high preference and people will love to spend high amount of money for entertainment is Andhra Pradesh. The regional language is Telugu and the number of movies release per year is second best after Bollywood movies in India. The numbers of theatres are high in A.P. Audience love to watch movies and they wait for movies to release. They eagerly read cine magazines to know when the movie is getting released for their favourite hero or heroine, what movies they are doing and on. But people will love to enjoy the movie with a good comedy track in it.

It is being necessary for the producers and directors to script the movies with comedy track in it. The blockbuster movies like dookudu and Gabbar singh have well driven comedy in it. The highest numbers of comedy actors are in Tollywood and the legends like Brahmanandam, M S Narayana, and Ali are making people smile, laugh and enjoy the movie. Their effort for good comedy acting is really fruitful for the producers.

Audience do enjoy by the comedy dialogues and sequences between them in the movies happening. They enjoy it even after the movie finishes. Legend writers and directors like Jandhyala, EVV and Trivikram has really given different dimension to the Telugu industry or Tollywood. They made audience to taste the flavour of comedy in different angles. Each one of them has different ways to showcase their scripts.

The actors like Dr.Rajendra Prasad and Allari Naresh have completely dedicated themselves to entertain audience through their comedy angles. They always prefer to do good comedy movies. They and even people believe that if you are happy and laugh then everything will be good and you will be healthy. Comedy gives a boost for entertainment.

The trend has changed a lot. In 80's people do love to watch movies with stories and two to three comedy tracks in it. In 90's a bit increase in the comedy tracks but after 2004 the trend has really changed a lot. Audience are looking for a movie with the legend comedy actors in it and it should have good comedy track in it. The story of the movie runs in parallel to the comedy scenes. Comedy plays a vital role in Tollywood for a movie to get a hit in the box office. Even few directors like Srinu vaitla script the movie with an eye of different character for the legend comedy actor Brahmanandam. It is being observed and followed to make the movies run well at box office level. Whatever be the movies budget or whether it is a small or big movie comedy is must. Comedy is important for Telugu movies.

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