Skills are the measure thing for any kind of work, whether it is a job, game or studies to complete in a smoother way. But we define it as a soft skill, do we really need it for better job opportunities is the question comes to our mind. The answer here is yes, we need it like anything. But, here most of the people misunderstand communication skills to soft skills. Both are having the similarity but have different explanations. If we have soft skill then, is there anything called as hard skill? Yes, there is a skill called as hard skill. Hard skill is the thing which is being acquired or gained through knowledge. Hence, hard skills are all about knowledge from anywhere (Books, Magazines. News papers, Internet). In the earlier days there was only hard skills needed for a job that is knowledge from your books and concepts. Because you need to apply all these at your workplace. Hence, hard skills were the requirement for better opportunities. The scenario has changed now, as it started up with lot of competition for anything or any sector. Hence we need to have some skill which will give you a competitive edge.

As the globalization took place, we worked to grow like anything. But to compete with globe we need to build up our image at any stop. Hence the skill is soft skill. Soft skills are the part of communication skills. Soft skills are the ability to learn, ability to change or adopt new things, ability to work in a team, and so on. These are the few points needed to develop soft skills. As per the changing environment we need to change ourselves. To have more knowledge then the competitor we need to develop our learning skills, need to adapt any kind of culture, language. Apart from this the main theme is to communicate well. As we are geographically diverse as well as with language and culture we need to work hard to adopt all this so as to get better opportunities then our competitor.

We look all these hand to hand, even the last but not least we need oral and written skills. These skills will help us to do the things with smart work. Hence to summarize it we need both the skills as Hard and soft. These two skills will give you an upper edge over others. We study, work or adapt all these for a better opportunity only. This gives us the conclusion that we need to develop soft skills for better opportunities. The better the individual work the better will be the results. Hence it completely depends how one should adopt, learn and develop self to have an edge over others for better opportunities.

Reading this we will have a question in our mind that is how to develop skills? To develop it we need to work accordingly. For Ex: To develop oral and written skills , we need to read lot of books, magazines, news papers , articles and then to apply it we need to speak among our group of friends, colleagues without any hesitation. If we are done with this then there will be an improvement in our skills. The same is the case for other skills to develop. That is we need to make our mind like that, we will work as a team, I will adopt all situations, I will give solutions for every problem. If we have made up our mind like this then automatically we will work to develop our skills.

This development will help us to clear the hurdles and grab the better opportunities even if the competition is present. Mathematically, Hard skills+ Soft skills = Better opportunities. Hence if this formula is worked out with the problem then we will get the solution for sure.

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Reference: The Hindu