One day, I was having a discussion with my friend for the web technology and Google more over. I was shocked when my friend asked me that how can Google gives so many results when we type a query in the box? Even, Google places the better in an ascending to descending order. Hence, The query became a hiccup for me. Quickly, I have taken out the laptop from my bag and Googled few queries that was in my mind. I got good results displayed under it. I thought that, this is not what I am looking at, Let me take a deeper analysis for the search query and results page.

In the process of my Online market research , i.e From the Day one I have the answer with me for that query but I was not satisfied with it. I thought lets make a research on it and find out why and how these things happen on web. I just wanted to know what is being called for this process. Then after the research of three days, I realized that this is called as "SEO- Search Engine Optimization". I have heard it somewhere, Yes this is what plays the role of placing the search queries over web results when someone types the relevant search query in the search box. Before going further on this topic, let me define SE- A Search engine is a computer program that looks for web pages, on the basis of typed search query in the box and displays the webpages in which the search query is found. It is the same story with all the search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing Ask etc.

Let me give you an example: Let say I am searching for "Five Concepts of Marketing" as a search query in Google, then I will receive different web pages as search results under it. Even I will have an article from website in the fifth place. As I have typed the search query as Five Concepts of Marketing and the Article is named as Five Concepts of Marketing, Hence it is displayed under the search results. This is a normal thinking or a common sense that any of the web users know. But, what about the top searches and other web page results which are displayed. Yes, it makes sense if we go deeper in this.

It is not a task of one day that I will put everything in this article, It takes lot of time to know why this happens, what all the strategies or tips required to put your web page on no.1 in the search engine. Let's discuss all these things in a phase manner.

As we understand that the search results are based on the search query you type in the search box. In a search engine language these are called as "Keywords". In a simple term it is the keyword that you type in a search box and based on the keyword availability on the web page search engine displays all the search results under it.

Let's discuss on the above example again: Five concepts of Marketing was the search query, Then the keywords can be Five Concepts, Marketing, Concepts of Marketing and so on. If these are the keywords in the web page then the search engine will display the pages as it goes.

Search engines work on the concept of Crawling, Indexing, Relevance and Results. Let's discuss step by step. Crawling is the process of a search engine to find and add web pages to the database whether it is a new one or an old one updated. Then it indexes the web page, checks the relevance of it to the typed search query and puts the result under the search engine box. This is a normal process of search engine to display the results. But, let's discuss the steps in a phase manner with the next post.

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