Each Company is making their way to Rural India. Most of them have studied the market and Analyzed the things over there and ready to fight at Rural India. There are some of the companies which have already written their success stories in Rural market. Companies like HUL, ITC, LG, Mahindra have given a new format for rural marketing. They have done a great job. So, the marketing is always have the difference in Urban and rural, which makes the companies to think over the Marketing mix. Marketing mix is such an element in rural market which gives the sense to think of marketing activities. This 4A model is similar to the 4P model of Marketing mix, the difference it shows is main streamline and Rural Market. 4A perceived to be more customer oriented. The 4A's are Affordability, Availability,Awareness, and Acceptability.

1. Affordability: Here Affordability does not mean that cheaper products should me made and marketed, the meaning is to reach the customer by satisfying their needs. The designing of the product should match the needs of the customer. The Customer should not think that they cannot buy it, that means it should be in their buying capacity. The income earned in rural markets is from different ways , so by keeping this in mind most of the companies should design the product in such a way that it reaches the customer.

2. Availability: The greatest problem in the rural market is to reach the customer or retailer. Its the logistics way to make the product available there . Once it reaches the retailers shelf then there will not be any problem. This is because there will be lesser number of brands available at market and the Influence or image/ Relationship of the retailer makes the difference. The companies should work out to reach the customer in time. Most of the products are promoted well but by the time it reaches the customer it gets late. So reaching the market should be considered.

3. Awareness: The Awareness program should be in such a manner that it should reach the customers mindset. The main way of reaching the customer is through the commercials on media like TV, Radio and Outdoor . The awareness programs should be conducted at the area ( Junction) where the village heads meet or in other way the meeting place at the villages. The awareness program should be in such a way that it should contain some message to the audience, there should be some concern for them and their place. The promotional activities should be good in the local language.

Apart from this there are some things which the company should think of, such as Colour of the product, Packaging , logo and slogan so on. This should be in such a way that by looking at the product only the customer should feel that they can go for that , and they should be in such a position to differentiate the product form the copy cat one.

4. Acceptability: The most important theme of Marketing Mix is Acceptability. The customer should think that they can buy the product by putting an extra money on that. They should feel that the product is designed as per their needs and it should deliver a great solution to the customer. They should think that the product gives some value to them , and it should serve the purpose what they are planning to buy for. The customer should feel the comfort with the product and there should not be any hesitation to go for it.

So, by these four components of Marketing mix the company can reach the rural market. The companies which have worked it well they have done their best in the rural market. The companies like LG and HUL have changed the dynamics of rural market. So it is important for the companies to think on their marketing mix and make a competitive analysis to go for the market .

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University, India. with an Experience in Marketing.

Reference: Mr. Balaram Dogra and Mr. Karminder Ghuman ( Rural Marketing)