"Eega" -the insect fly in Telugu, The most awaited movie for this year. The movie is of a simple story with live animation of insect. It is really surprise that an Insect is the lead role in this movie with 2200+ animation moves. All the moves are looking great and realistic. Nani and Samantha are in the lead roles and Sudeep has played an important role for this movie. It is directed by "Sir s.s.raja mouli "and produced by Mr.Suresh babu. The movie is a simple story based on a revenge track. How the hero of the movie has taken revenge over the villain of the movie by getting a rebirth of Eega. First time in the Tollywood Industry someone has taken a step to do different. It is being known that Raja Mouli sir is a brand for his movies. He has mastered hits with well-deserved story lines. He has given hits like Student no.1, Simhadri, Magadheera, chatrapati, Maryada ramana and on. Audience has expected him as genius for Tollywood industry but this time he has really put his efforts to make this movie a big hit. It should be appreciable that he has taken such an attempt to make this movie a big hit.

Even though he said that the movie is an experiment for the industry, and do not expect anything it is for entertainment. But audience have lot of expectations from this movie. Suresh sir as producer has also taken lot of care for the movie. This movie is getting released on 6th July 2012 with 1100 screens and in 4 languages. Two weeks later the movie will be released in Hindi.

The technology of animation has really made a shock to the audience as a fly insect has to take revenge. He has given camera shots well. The trailer itself is showing a beautiful attempt of animation. The live animation technology has given a boom for the movie. LAA is playing lead character we can say. If animation does not work well then the movie will not. The movie is based on the realistic episode of animation technology. But a lot of care has been taken care for story and technology too. The trailer itself is showing the combats done by the villain group and Eega.

Mouli sir have started this movie to be a short one but after gaining lot of inputs it has become awaited movie. Even if he goes for a short movie audience can expect a good entertainment from him. He is like a Brand for initiation for Tollywood. The animated technology has been given inputs like a Hollywood movie. Lot of stunts have been used to showcase the eega as a warrior for the revenge. The technology usage and implementation has been done extraordinarily by the team.

To have a first look of the movie we have to wait and watch on6th July. Hope the efforts may show a good result for the team and our audience can experience a Hollywood kind of movie with the advanced technology for entertainment. All the best mouli and suresh sir.

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reference: The Hindu

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