MBA - Master of Business Administration , is a degree which gives you the In and Out of Business Practices. it gives you the Theoretical Knowledge of How a Business can be done ? and Mold you into a concept of Communication Skills with Business Practice. In MBA you will practice the Scientific Approaches to the management. MBA Actually Started in USA, when every country is become Industrialized so it became necessary for everyone to have a management employee with them in the company, So the value of MBA become increased. So How and what for MBA in our Career will help us? is the question we should think of .

There are different Kind of MBA Programs available in India and abroad too. Such as Executive , Part time, Full time MBA. Each MBA and its Material will teach you the essence of it. but we should think of that how it will be after MBA, that is the advantages and Disadvantages of MBA .

Upon completion of MBA , the job what you will get in the company is of managerial position. which is an important position where you need to take decisions for the company's business. So your decision depends upon the profits and loss of company. So this exciting position is not only with decision making but also it gives you a good package .

MBA provides you the skills to be a modern manager which is required to find the opportunities for the company. It is designed in such a manner that the tools which you will be applying in the company will not be of traditional one, it will be an innovative and helpful one. It gives you an information about the nuances of business and the dynamics involved in solving it. MBA as a career will be really helpful.

What Does the companies are looking out from an MBA is the question, they are looking at
1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
2. Analyzing and Strategic Capabilities
3. Leadership Capabilities
4. Innovative and Applicable tools.
5. Differentiation

As most of the MNC's are in India , So most of them are looking at the above featured candidate to work with them. So in overall MBA is identified as a better degree because of
1. Professionalism.
2. In and out Understanding of Business Practices.
3. Timely Deliverables .
4. Sensitivity Culture.

So after MBA there is nothing like that you will be struck in one sector, you can chose your way of sector and you can apply your innovative techniques by understanding the practical Scenario of the company. So all depend upon where from you have done your MBA? Now a days it becomes granted or taken into account that a good placement can be available in top b-schools only. But I believe if you have proper practical experience and Understanding of the on going scenario of the company with an MBA from any University will help you out to have better job opportunities. But, If you are making it out in Top B-schools then it will help you out to get good package and good company in a very quickly manner that is at your placements itself.

But before pursuing MBA you should think of some of the things which will help you out after MBA. It can be
1. Self Assessment ,
2. Finding career path ,
3. Why and What for you are planning for an MBA degree?

if you can make answers to these questions in a positive manner then you can go ahead by doing an MBA.

An MBA does not give you the direct managerial position in an organization , you should have a work experience beside that . If you are getting into the organization with out prior work experience then it will be a bit difficult for you in training period. But , it is great that you will learn a lot with application of your concepts that you did in MBA.

So there are two sides of an MBA, but if you can manage it to do in Top B-schools then it is really plus point for your career.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University, India.