Fun is the word which makes lot of sense in the on-going trend. It is the catalyst to boost your energy and make you active to complete the work on time without mistakes. A child smiles 400 times a day where as we forgot even how to smile? Most of us smile or laugh artificially there is no open hearted laugh from us. A hearty laugh helps you to reduce stress and improve breathing. Both the things are very much required for the present scenarios. People enjoy talking to fun and smiling people because they enjoy while they are with them. Hence Fun has lot of things to implement.

At workplace we are struck with so many tasks each day and even we do not find time for food also sometimes. It has become a hectic schedule for almost all employees working in the era of technology. We are competitive and we put our efforts so that we can gain something and enjoy the day. While moving in these fixtures we forgot the laugh that is required. With these workloads we take lot of stress on us which even affects our personal life too. Hence it is well deserved for hearty laugh each day. Even corporates have taken different steps to make and include fun in the workplace so that employees can enjoy working.

"A work is for the sake of working do not give you results, a work with passion and enjoyment gives you success"

Laughter relieves endorphins which is more powerful to reduce stress and have a healthy life. Fun makes your brain cool and creative, so that you can think well and do something good. For each individual we need fun as a catalyst of life. A hearty laughter enjoys his life very well then a stressed person. With stress we get lot of diseases. But with a hearty laugh we enjoy our life with no stress, success, cool and happiness. A hearty laugh increases your immunity system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and even central nervous system all of which are required for a living human being. Hence laugh is necessary to go on.

If we see all these then we can easily conclude that how important a laugh or fun at workplace. This is not only to boost your health but it does have other supports like it can build good relationship within employees, team work will happen, In a bigger organization people can know each other from different departments and on. As a human being in nature by meeting new people we enjoy ourselves. Fun activities make you to stay in the present tense so that you can enjoy a lot. People can enjoy a lot once they involve in the activities like a child. It helps to have a healthy environment in the organization. A fun activity in the work place helps not only to boost your employees but also your brand. Smile and keep smiling.

"A day without laughter is a day wasted- Charlie Chaplin"

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