After the complete strategies of marketing and working out for lower price in distribution the plans laid by Nirma was excellent. Nirma's marketing was outsourced to AME (Alpha Marketing Enterprises) to whom goods were sold at ex-factory price. The total marketing was taken care by them. But in the present scenario they have changed their strategies. Nirma's Distribution runs on mutual understanding and satisfying relationship. It is the only company which has given new definition of distribution. This is the only company, which operates distribution at lower cost in FMCG distribution.

It worked on two basis such as Parallel and principal distribution. Principal distribution is in Lowest cost system in India, Speed in distribution and flexibility. This is distributed under Nirma products with exclusive of 450 distributors. In parallel distributors it has reached 2000. It works on Nima products; it has wider reach, Speedy market intelligence, Competitive edge and better focus, and last but not least complementing principal channel. Both the channels have reached two million retail outlets and more than 40 million loyal consumers on its list.
The wide reach and variety, aggressive network of distributors make sure that the products are available in the retail outlets. These people played a vital role to make Nirma a brand name. Working on different schemes, incentives and procedures so as to make the product a brand was the aim from management and distributors.

Hence these distribution and channel network has helped Nirma to cater the market needs with its basic strategy of " quality at reasonable price".

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