Microsoft sharepoint is a web application platform for people to work together. It is developed by Microsoft. It is well known for its web content management and document management system. For the newer versions it has broader capabilities too. The web tools are designed in such a way that even non-technical users can also have a hand on that. Using this you can set up websites to share information with others. Other than this you can publish reports using sharepoint. As discussed in the document management system you can manage documents from start to finish. This can be used by IT professionals; System Developers and End users.IT professionals can cut costs and save time and effort by using this. Developers can build custom applications and components for a rapid to various business needs. For End users you can share ideas and can find the right business information from this. By using sharepoint you can build intranets, extranets, and document file management system, websites and business Intelligence. Even sharepoint has the capability to integrate the process and make the work automated.

It has different capabilities under its belt, Such as sites, composites, Insights, communities, content and search. By Sites you can share documents with colleagues and even you can share projects with your partner. With Composites you can find some tools by which you can do yourself for the business solutions, with insights you can have information on databases, reports and on different business applications, In communities the people can share their ideas and a place for collaborations of thoughts, By content the content management becomes easy and can be helpful, With the search option people can find the information and contacts they need to get to complete the business work.

Even ERP and CRM can also provide some integration with sharepoint. As an application platform it acts as a central management for implementation of requirements. It has different advantages with it such as it helps in business Integration, supports the formation of communities, and provides range of search abilities and on. By this System developers can build custom applications, web development, site migration, Sharepoint SQL reporting, QA and testing on Sharepoint for testers, Sharepoint enterprise portals and business intelligence can be done. It has different editions with it such as Microsoft sharepoint foundation, Microsoft sharepoint search server express, Microsoft sharepoint standard, and Microsoft sharepoint enterprise. The web browsers Internet explorer 7 or later, Firefox, Google chrome and safari can support the application. For IE it can support on whole module but for other browsers it is a limited support. The Sharepoint platform is flexible and can be scaled down to operate from one machine to hundreds of machine on management.

Microsoft sharepoint is a good application to build and share information on web applications. Developers can support and help to address different business needs with customized application development.

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