We buy the products depending upon our choices. We go to the market check the shops, try to find out the cost then depending on our interest we go for the product. We feel the product features are good and user friendly but if so and so feature is added to it, then it will be finer. Hence most of us have such kind of psychology. We love to design our own products for use. Hence companies have taken this as a marketing tool to retain the customers in a competitive environment.

"Designing a product according to the individual's requirement is called as Customerization." It may be a tough task for the companies but there a parameter gives them boost for their sales that is customer satisfaction. Hence even if it is a tough task companies are working hard to give a customized solution to the customers. Sometimes customers even don't know about the actual product but they feel to have their own designed products for use. Here the customer finds a chance to have their own choice of product by done by other. That is "idea is yours but product is from customers end".

This is everywhere; even we find it in our daily routine. We find it in our eating habits and so on. But for a product it is a tough and completely different task to do. Customers may not be paying the same amount to the product as much the company has spent on it to do the Customerization. By giving a solution with Customerization the company will have a marketing effectiveness with this kind of competitive environment. Hence each company is looking forward for Customerization.

If we look at some examples then we can understand how this has helped the companies to perform better. Dell Computers which have started selling online has brought this concept into the picture. It has given customers to design their own PC with their choice. They can take the Memory, Hard disk, Screen, etc. on their choice. Dell will design compatibility and makes the customer aware of this product. Then it depends on the customer whether to go for it or not. But 99.9% feel to go. In this way it has made the customers to feel happy about their product and service.

In other scenario Asian Paints the major paint selling company in India has given the customers to design their own colour for painting. They have given a chance to the customer to design their own colour by mixture of alternative colors in the computer at retail store or in the web. If we leave this about the big companies and go to the local market then a town called Tenali in Andhra Pradesh of India people sells Fruit Mixture, Cool Drinks according to customer's choice. For Ex: if .X requires a mixture of grape and apple only they do it. Depending upon the choice they cost the product which is very much affordable. Hence it is a good strategy to tap the local rural market.

By these strategies companies have gained a boost in their sales. This concept has helped them for the customer satisfaction. They can measure the customer value and preference. There is no need for the background information of the customer. The only thing you need is good features of your product and good website. Now a day's every player in each sector is looking for the Customerization to boost the sales.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India.

Reference: Philip Kotler