For each business at present we need a website to showcase or to deliver what we are offering as a product and services. While building a website we think of so many aspects for example: it should be attractive, informative, Interactive, flexible, can be downloaded fast and last but not least it should be cost effective. Hence if you look at all these options then we need a program to go for it.

And, if you want to have an Interactive website for yourself then PHP is perfect choice for you. It is being used where you work and you need some speed further. It is a general purpose server side scripting language. It is basically designed to develop websites to have dynamic webpages within. It is the first server side scripting language which is being embedded into HTML and there is no need to call for an extra file to process the data. It is mostly used for building websites only. It can be run on web server too. By virtue of which lot of people can access it through their web browsers from their computers. It fits between a web browser and web server for Interaction. It is called as server side scripting language because it runs on a web server. It can also be used in standalone graphical applications. It is a competitor for Microsoft ASP dot net. It is being implemented on more than 20 million web sites. The other software's or cms which are useful with PHP are wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

It has lot of advantages with it for building the websites. It can be used for cross platform web server programs. But the popular and highly used web server program is Apache. PHP is widely used server side scripting language for building websites. As it can be embedded in HTML we can edit date and times and manage web cookies with it.

It is free software released under PHP license. Even object oriented programming is also added in the PHP version 3 and improved further in newer versions. PHP allows developers to write extension. Developers can use PHP to develop web application development, Programming and scripting can be done, and with the support of PHP developers can develop customized products and web services. The web services can be customizable on the basis of the customer needs. It does support content management and document management system to develop easily for developers.

PHP can be supportive for the porting and migration services. As PHP is free and highly used for developing interactive website, it is highly preferable. The websites build on PHP can be more useful than on other programs. Through this customer can reduce their operational costs and can meet the needy requirements.

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