SAARC - South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation is an organization of eight countries towards the economic and political subjects. The eight members formed the organization in December 1985 with some objectives and aim to fulfill. The members of the organization are India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Afghanistan joined the ship in the 14th summit. Apart from the members the Observer countries are Australia, China, European Union, Iran, Japan, Mauritius, Myanmar ( Burma) , South Korea and United States. There are some plans for the future membership of countries such as Peoples Republic of china, Iran, Indonesia, Russia, Myanmar, and South Africa. Hence the Organization works with a complete motto.

It has completed 16th summits as on April 2010. The first summit was done in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The 16th summit was done in Thimphu, Bhutan in the month of April 2010. The present General Secretary of SAARC is Mr. Sheel Kanth Sharma from India.

The objectives for which it is formed are

1. To promote the welfare of South Asia and improve their quality of life.
2. To develop culture, Economy, and Social progress with active collaboration and mutual cooperation.
3. Give all Individuals the potential to live in dignity.
4. To make the countries for collective nature of autonomous for Development.
5. Working on Mutual Trust and Understanding each other.
6. To get hold with the development countries.
7. To cooperate with regional and International organization with the similar aims and Objectives.

Apart from this there was program launched as IPA- Integrated Programme of action for the nine agreed areas such as Agriculture, Rural Development, Technology, Science, Sports, Arts and Culture, Health and Population activities, Postal Services, and Transport. Even there was an agreement signed by the seven countries as SAFTA - South Asian Free trade area for the development of Trade within the region. The feature of it to reduce the duties by 20% initially then in the last five years drops it down to zero with a series of annual cuts. Hence the association is helping out the nation for the overall development.

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