Information is the message which is required to be conveyed from one party to the other. For everything in this world we need information to pass on. Information is the important part of communication. And in business sense Information plays a critical role. In this marketing environment we need information to get updated with customers instantly. Each organization wants its message to pass the customers as business is mean for them. Hence it is necessary for the companies to convey the message.

What about others? Yes everyone needs to pass the information for a wide range of audience. Even it is govt. public or private company the generation need information to be displayed. Increase in number of smart phones, tabs, laptops and last but not least Internet and Technology has really made us to understand the importance of information and communication. If we will not receive the information on time then we get worry. For Ex: The new trend is that when we book some tickets for travel or cinema online then we get message or SMS alert from the vendor after the confirmation. If we do not receive the information on time then we really get worried. We think whether the ticket got confirmed or not . Hence this small example shows us the importance of Information.

Then what is Information display system? Information display system is a technology which passes the information which needs to be from the central location. For ex: Railway systems and flight systems at airport where the information keeps on moving and updates regularly. If the flight is at 8 am scheduled and the next flight is at 10 am (which is already displayed) makes a change automatically from the server location if there is a change in the schedule, which can operated by admin.

In a technical sense the server is connected to all the displays which are required to be displayed at different locations through LAN. Once the information is loaded and scheduled in server then the information will pass on to all displays or to the selected ones. For Ex: One server and five displays are there then it will be.

Server ---------D1---D2----D3---D4----D5

Hence the information will be passed to the five locations instantly or as scheduled. IDS software will be installed in the server where the regions and other admin functions are available. This will be more useful for the organizations to promote their products and pass on the latest updates internally. The information is passed from the central location which will be supportive for the IT team to handle from one location in an organization. IDS software is helpful to convey the message or information to different locations pushing from one location.

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