Indian Cricket team was in good position by entering in the super 8 with a win in the first two matches of T20 world cup. A complete stroke play by Suresh Raina has helped the team to perform well in the first two matches. But the match on Friday against Australia has made the team to think more on their bowling and batting performance. A Loss with a back drop of run rate becomes a problem for India.

Now India has to win the match against West Indies to sustain in the T20 world cup. The same is the scenario for West Indies too. After the loss to Sri Lanka they are in the same boat of India to win the match. Hence it is a tie up situation for both the team skippers to think about the match.

The pitch is a bouncy one, and now it is the time to think Indian Skipper about the selection of the bowler for the match. They should not face the same problem that happened with Australia. The West Indies team knows about our game and the bowlers like Roach, Bravo may be a problem. As India have taken the spinners in the last game was a bit problem except Harbhajan singh. This strategy may work out for this time as West Indies is not comfortable with spinning attack.

Hence here Indian skipper may think of to choose either to vinay kumar or piyush chawla for this match. Hence it depends upon to go for a batting team or the third pacer for the match. It all works when the teams bat well. If the strategy of Indian Team is going to work out then there will not be any problem for Indian Team. Hence to make a conclusion for this we need to wait till match finishes on Sunday.

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