Most of the students work hard to get a seat in Good B-Schools to complete an MBA program and get a handsome package job. The preparation starts in the final year of graduation or after completion of graduation. The easiest thing is that most of the top most magazines are giving ranks for the B-Schools depending upon different parameters. Hence it is easier for the students to know more about the colleges and preparations. But there may be little confusion about the skills required to get a seat in good B-schools.

To have clarity on it, the important thing you should check up is the qualifying marks in Graduation that is (50%). If you are good with that then it is better to start preparing the Entrance exams for the MBA seat in B Schools. For this you need to develop some other skills which will give you an advantage at College. Those skills can be

1. Good Preparation for Entrance: Prepare well for the Entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT and state entrance exams. It is better to prepare by taking a perfect coaching and Study Material. The preparation pattern should be in parallel with other skills for you. Check out your levels of understandings in these subjects and do well in all the mock tests. It is better to take an advice of faculty from the coaching centers and prepare well for the exams. The percentiles in the entrance exams matters a lot to fetch the seat in good B-schools. These exams are very competitive; hence it is really hard to crack the exams. It is better to follow the guidelines and do well in the exams.

2. Communication Skills: It is necessary to develop communication skills for MBA. The language skills need to be improved. The Body language, presentation skills should be improved. It is better to read good magazines, books, News Papers and Management Journals to perform well. These will help you out to develop communication skills. The communication skills are very much important than the marks. This will help you out not only in MBA but also after the MBA.

3. Business Knowledge: Develop business knowledge. The current happenings in the market. Check out with the current economical statistics such as GDP, Inflation, Exports and Imports, Trading partners, Strategies of companies etc. All these things can be find in Good Business magazines, Websites, Books etc. It is better to check with the Business magazines Such as Business Today, Business Line, Business World, 4P Magazine, ICFAI Journal and News Papers like Economic Times, Business Line etc. These will help you out to develop excellent knowledge on Business Formats.

4. Work Experience: It is better to have some work experience before going for an MBA program. The work experience will help you out to analyze and understand the practical scenarios of business. Apart from this it will give you a clear understanding of the theoretical concepts. The experience will help you out to perform well in the two years of MBA program. There will be an advantage for to understand the case studies and Management environment.

5. Current Affairs: Work on the current affairs and general knowledge. Grasp good amount of Knowledge on these issues. It is better to go through the News Papers and Magazines to develop these activities.

6. Develop GD/PI Skills: Develop Skills to perform well in the Group Discussions and Personal Interview. To perform well in these you need to develop discussion skills, GD guidelines, PI guidelines, and communication skills. Try to form a group of your friends or colleagues and discuss on the current topics. Follow the guidelines properly and try to be sincere so that you can perform well in the competitive environment to perform well.

7. Strong on your Graduation subjects: It is better to have sound knowledge on your graduation subjects. Take one of your favorite subjects and have some knowledge on the concepts of that subject. Prepare well with the important concepts of the subjects before you go for GD/PI.

Hence it will be helpful for you to work on some of these guidelines to get a seat in the good B-Schools.

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