Advertisement is the mode of promotion of goods, ideas, services, products with a sponsor. It is used as a tool to pass the message for the target audience. Hence the aim of advertisement or ad is to pass the needy message to the target group of customers within a limited time period. This is being done by company ad group or the ad agencies as a third party for companies. Hence now the companies have started new way of showing ads. It is the time to show the ad in a limited time with a catchy style. If the ad is very much easy to understand and lovely to watch again and again then the company for sure have achieved their aim of passing the ad.

The companies have started beautiful ads. For e.g.: The ad from the companies like Godrej, Lenovo, TVS and Havell's have really shown beauty in passing the message. In the ad of Good knight the message passed that whatever be the culture, tradition, home, region etc. Good Knight is common. This shows that everyone use Good Knight only. In Lenovo ad it has shown its feature of 40% faster booting which is a special feature of Lenovo. The ad of Rangier Kapok closing the lid and opening of it in few seconds the booting happens quickly which is 40% faster. This feature has been passed well in the ad with the brand ambassador like Rangier Kapok for sure will attract lot of audience. The Havell's appliance ad of showing the smoothness of mixer grinder is really good. It has showed the smoothness of it making idly which can be used as a flower for decorations. The ad has given a different dimension for it. Even the ad from TVS sport showing people running a petrol tanker with their vehicle while the brand ambassador Viral Kohl runs the vehicle with the girl, Because the vehicle will give mileage which is being conveyed well to the target customers. The ad from Vodafone of returning gifts while at their store is really good.

All these advertisements are few examples which have really conveying the message properly with creativity in ads. The creativity and attractiveness has made the audience catchy. The aim of advertisement is to catch the audience or the target consumers. If the ad is simple and shows the same kind of message without creativity then it cannot be as catchy as creative ads are. A creative ad can attract good number of audience which is as important as for a business to run.

The ad agencies are working on creative concepts so that they catch the eyes of target audience within the limited time period. Let's wait and look for few more creative ads further....

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