Andhra Pradesh is the state of south India. The population of the state is 8 crores. The local language of the state is Telugu. The film industry of this state is called as Tollywood. The film Industry is second largest after Bollywood. This is all because of people who love movies. People are diehard fans for the movies. The total number of movies that gets released per year is more than that of Bollywood.

There will be movie theatres even in the small villages or towns. The number of theatres is huge. The theatres with dts and a/c make the audience a comfort zone to watch the movies. People love here all kinds of movies. They love to watch the movies with a nice storyline and a perfect paisa vasool.

Whatever be the movies released people love to watch those. The movies gave a perfect entertainment to the audience. They do different activities to make the movie hit. They love the actors and actress a lot. They take care of different things so as to find a glance of them.

If one movie is released with hype and good actors then there is no doubt that it will give huge collections in the first two weeks. The love for movies is really amazing. The theatres in weekends are always full. The actors like Venkatesh, Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Balakrishna , Jr. NTR, Prabhas, Pavan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu are very famous. If any of the movies of them released then for sure that the theatres and areas nearby are completely blocked. The theatres not only in the cities but also the whole state keep busy while the movie gets released. The total theatres are packed with fans. Even if they don't find the ticket on first day they move to the next town within a range of 50-100 km to watch the movie on first day. This kind of love they show to the movies.

People here love the movies and feel that it is great entertainment for them. That is why the theatres always of House full.

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