Araku Valley is the name of a hilly area at a distance of 120Km from Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is famous for its beautiful scenes of nature, Tribal dance, Weather during Winter, Ghat Roads, Caves and so on. It is the border between Orissa and AP State. Apart from this it is famous for the coffee plantations here in one of the hill called as Ananthagiri.

To travel Araku , it is better to go by Train from Visakhapatnam which will give you a pleasant travelling experience. The train starts from Visakhapatnam only in the morning. It is a single track line , So the train goes bit slow. It passes through Forty plus tunnels and Bridges to reach Araku. Where you can enjoy the Nature Experience. There will be good number of streams and waterfalls flowing by the side of track or roads. It will be a pleasant experience travelling in the train.

Apart from this , there are cottages in the tree top. Which gives you thrilling experience of living there. There will be good greenery all around. There are few more gardens to enjoy . There is a garden called padmapore garden , where a toy train available for enjoyment. There is a tribal museum which gives you information about all the Culture,Heritage, living systems of tribal there. For accommodation and all other necessary things there , the AP Government has taken all the care.

Then the near by, There are some other areas like Borra Caves , Dumuriguda, Similiguda, Malliguda and so on. Borra caves is famous for the growing of Stalactites and Stalagmites. It is one of the largest cave in the country. The temperature lies in between 22-25 degree celcius through out the year. you will find a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere there.

In return if you can travel by road , then it will be much more thrilling experience with thick forest all around. The best time to travel is in the winter Season . There will be so much of fog and good Jungle experience.

So, it is a good place for travelling and Enjoyment , with thrilling experience in the hilly areas.

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