Entertainment, the popular segment of Indian market. The industry supports the country in its revenue generation. As per experts the industry is going to touch Rs.12800 crores by 2015. The industry is a mixed segment of numbers in regional cine industries such as Bollywood (Hindi), Tollywood (Telugu), and Kollywood (Tamil) etc. Each regional industry has its own identity and nature of work. On the top of all Bollywood hits number one position where as Tollywood in number two in terms of movie releases and revenue generations.

If we discuss like this then in the earlier day's people used to act in their regional industries or movies only. Most of actor and actress used to act in local films. Few top actors used to move to the next industry for acting and releasing movies there. But the trend was to act and release movies in their own region and local language for a commercial hit. The telugu movie stories used to get dubbed/ remake in tamil and tamil movies in telugu for relase but no actor were moving from here and there to act. But in 1990's the trend got changed few actors moved from one industry to other to act. Then in Telugu industry actress and models from Mumbai joined to act in movies. The trend continued in the same manner.

Now if you look at the industry there are no bars for the actors and actress to act in any movie. It has become borderless. People are looking for talent for their movies not unnecessary things. For ex: Lot of south Indian movies are getting dubbed in Bollywood and vice versa. Movies like Gajhini got a remake in Hindi and a movie like Dabbang in south Indian languages. As Mr. Ramcharan tej and Rana from Tollywood are moving to Bollywood to act in Hindi movie which is a positive sign for Tollywood as these people will get national recognition.

People from different regions moving to other for acting there are no tie ups and no reasons to stop. They are opting stories from any part of the region in India. For Ex: Dirty picture is a biography of south Indian actress silk smitha. Mahesh Babu the star of Tollywood has done a thums up advertisement recently which got appreciations nationally. This makes sense for getting national wide presence. If we see these things then we can understand that entertainment has no boundaries. It is making a positive sign for the industry to hit the revenue hard and get recognized globally. Even it is good that the talent is getting recognized without obstacle on their way. Hope this will move ahead with these positive signs and will make our country to recognize globally.

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