Advertising is the mode of communication to pass on the message to the viewers, audience or target consumers. In other way it is to make awareness for the target group of consumers about the product and the company. It helps companies to build brand. Any company which needs a share in the market always makes itself a plan or strategy for the advertisements. The better you communicate in your advertisement the better is the output for you. It depends upon how well the advertisement got connected to the consumer's mind-set. If the add is good and well communicated then the consumer for sure keeps in mind about the product and service. For Ex: The add which used to come about Bajaj Chetak scooter still hits the consumers mind for the differential theme song and attractive advertisement. If you listen to that song now also then for sure your mind gets a buzz for the advertisement by saying that it is Bajaj's add. Hence the advertisement plays a key role for the brand building of the organization.

To have a look at the present ads most of the companies are trying to be different in communication so that they can easily make aware consumers for their offerings. Vodafone started with zoo zoo and then moved to altogether different strategies of ads. If we look at the new series of ads from Docomo then it is for sure that a differential ad with perfect communication of touching each offerings. In the same way advertisements from Cadbury, McDonald, flipkart is touching consumer's emotions. The advertisements have shown a differentiation with children act in it.

The ad from Cadbury about Oreo biscuit has really shown an emotional touch for consumers. The kid speaks to his father for the biscuit and the cream in it and how she really loves it. The ad shows an emotional attachment between a father and daughter which is almost touching. The ad is very lovable. It is making a point that they are targeting a group of consumers include children and adult too. In the same way the ad from McDonald shows an attachment of values. A kid asks his father if you go ahead with the treatment then for sure we will go to McDonald. This touches our emotions and the word comes from us "how cute". Advertisement from Flipkart also shows an act with children of family talking about the product and its delivery, how flipkart is useful and meets customer satisfaction. In an overall manner it shows the offerings from Flipkart with a beauty of differential ad. These ads make an emotional admiration with us and once the ad comes in TV we will watch the ad again and again. The ad looks cute, lovable and enjoyable. This makes a differential touch than from other ads. Here they have communicated what they need to and has made awareness for their products too. The ads are well communicated and easily catchable. It makes us happier when we watch the ad as it touches our day to day lifestyle.

Making a creative and differential ad for sure repays your investment, as the present trend is taking about change and its values.

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Lead- Sales and Marketing @ Summation IT.