The market is growing everyday, that is the market is of dense competition. At this point of time each company tries to implement different tools to reach the customer. So as the tools like Relationship marketing, Integrated Marketing works out for the companies , the same way Internal Marketing does. So ,"The process of Improving Internal Environment of the company to Influence the external Factors is called Internal marketing". In other words "It is a Task of hiring, Training and Motivating the employees to serve the customer well."It is to push the employees to give the best from their side to the customer, and feel them comfortable with the company.

It becomes essential for the organization , that each member should know the Marketing Principles and their way of marketing Strategies . The senior management should involve in this, so as to deliver the desire to the customers needs. If the company is very good enough with their inside marketing activities then there is nothing wrong to announce about their customer service .

The each employee of the company should understand their functions. Then they should be in such a position that they can help the company in any situation. All the departments should work by helping each other and by passing information, that is there should be Integration between them. The sales Force, product team, Advertising Team, Service team all should work together, so there should not be any mistake at the customer place. Their way of decisions and Strategies gets differentiate which should not happen. All these Marketing Teams should be Coordinated in view point of Customers.

Apart from this , The other departments should also think of Marketing Activities or "Think Customer". These type of thoughts can be Implemented if and only if there is a coordination from each team and support from the senior Management of the company. Even if the hiring takes place then the job description should some what relate to Marketing Activities or Customer which ever be the position . They should make realize that how the profile effects the customer and company?

For ex: In Xerox , Accountants knows about their customer attitudes , so they can check with their billing accuracy and Promptness in returning calls.

So. Each company should take into consideration that they are strong enough internally and can influence the external factors to reach the customer at their best.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University, India. with an experience in Marketing.

Reference: Philip Kotler.