Orissa is the state of India located in the east coast. The state is also called as Odisha. In the 261BC it was named as kalinga by the emperor Ashoka. It has great historical features. The state is full of natural resources and minerals. The state is with full of mountains, thick forests. The mountains and the surrounding areas look amazing.

The mountains in the areas like Koraput District are really amazing. The tribal people who live there in the forest do Handicrafts. The products are really good. In the winter the mountains look amazing. The road is covered with a blanket of fog. The temperature fell to 3-4 degree Celsius. The surrounding area looks good with greenery. The color of the soil is red. Hence the greenery and the red soil cover with fog looks amazing. It's like a hilly tourism spot.

The mountains like Deomali, highest peak in the Orissa with 1672m. And the tallest hill in the Eastern Ghats. It is surrounded by the deep green forest and rich in flora, fauna. The hill is rich in natural mineral resources like bauxite, lime stones and gemstones. The hill is not only a tourism spot; the sports person will love the place. It gives us a thrilling experience for trekking. The ghat roads give a thrilling experience of journey. Rail journey gives more pleasant experience, as the rail passes through the tunnels.

This is about the nature in the hilly area. Apart from these, there is a museum for the handicrafts and living nature of tribal's. This is a fantastic place for tourism. If we see the areas it really thrills you in terms of greenery, atmosphere, culture and sweets to eat. The areas such as S-waterfall, Duduma, Machkund and kolab dams are really good places to experience. The thick forest, greenery, natural atmosphere is really amazing.

To reach here, it's better to go by Visakhapatnam (A.P). It is around 180km from Visakhapatnam. Both train and bus facilities are available. If its taxi then a bit of more convenient. For the accommodation it is better to move Jeypore a nearby town with good facilities of Hotel and restaurants. The place is really good to watch. Although it is a tourist place it needs more attention from the government to develop. There are a lot of things that the govt. can develop and make it a better tourist place.

To conclude it, "A place with natural Communication".

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