Now it's turn to discuss about the Nirma's strategy and its output. After the success in marketing and distribution Nirma has done a great job to fight competition. It has taken two important tasks at a time to be in the market. The two tasks are i. fighting competition ii. Making costs lower so as to give quality at reasonable price. The two strategies worked out well for Nirma. It stood tall in the market with the competition of wheel from HUL. It was really a wonderful job.

The three main themes worked out and working also for Nirma are Marketing and distribution, Market creation and Backward Integration. Market creation in terms of connected to Business ideas, Economies of scale and product innovation. These three delivered a better creative work in market for Nirma. Marketing and distribution handles umbrella branding and parallel distribution which has given an edge in the market for Nirma. All these three themes helped Nirma to give "value for money kind of products".

The win-win strategy of Nirma has helped to pull out the marketing shares. Strong HR and distribution has made it to succeed internally and externally. It has given its full efforts to reach gross sales of `2400 crores, 8 manufacturing locations, Amongst top 10 Indian brands, Nationwide distribution reach, 9th in FMCG brands of India, Selected as super brand of India in 2003-04, world's most integrated and largest manufacturer of detergent, Largest player in the Indian detergent market with a share of 38%, second largest in toilet soap market with a share of 20%.Hence to reach all this there hides a lot of efforts which was the secret of Nirma.

The perfect top management strategy and work of employees was fantastic which has given such a value for Nirma. To conclude Nirma is the brand which is always in mind of Indian customers for a product of "value for Money or quality at reasonable price".

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