MBA - Master of Business Administration really means to manage and Organize things in better manner than anyone else. So in MBA we can learn a strip of Subjects and The Efficiency of it. But,at the end of the day it matters how we deal with things? So,to discuss that do we really need a MBA to be an Entrepreneur? have its Pros and Cons ....

MBA is Completely Different from Entrepreneurship, We can say that MBA is a Part of Entrepreneurship . Entrepreneurship is More than that of MBA.And,to be frank both are not Comparable at all.If we get a problem in an Organization then the approach of a Manager and Entrepreneur are different,which are not comparable. Both work in a different manner and Solve the issues in different approach . So at the end of the day the solution of the problem is there. So whether it is a MBA or Entrepreneur the problem gets solved .

The way they think,They manage ,the decisions they take,the Idea generation,dealing or presentation with other people is completely different. So,An MBA graduate takes Specialization in one category or in Micro Specialization,But where as entrepreneur needs to take care of all the things,its a jack of all the things. where entrepreneur needs to catch all the sense of finance,HR, Operations last but not least Sales and marketing. But,Manager can take care only one division or two . So,there is a difference between them.

So,to start a Business there is no need of an MBA . Everybody who has the Idea of the Market and Experience can establish a Business. Those who ever have the Brand image or already working with the same kind of business then there is no problem of launching own business.
But, after one year there is a necessity of knowing or gaining the knowledge of MBA.we can employee any one for managing things but here we need to think of three things . That may be Effectiveness,Trust,Money. That may be if the entrepreneur is working him self then there will be effectiveness as he knows his in and out of business. he cannot trust on any one suddenly but he can mange him self if he is an MBA.if he can do the work or Knows the work i.e if he has the idea then there is no problem having an employee to work the in and out of business,otherwise the employee can spill you out. So,it is better to have an MBA if you need to be an Entrepreneur.

In MBA B-schools teach the way and approach of solving the problems by working on case studies . And there is always a way to take decision it may be intuitive or logical. taking a decision in intuitive manner will not work in business ,so to have a logical thinking and effectiveness in business MBA can help you out.

So,to be an entrepreneur there is no necessity of MBA degree,but having an MBA is a great advantage to manage the business in an effective manner. End of the day reaching the Profit of the business is really Important. So to conclude it "An MBA Degree will really help to become an Entrepreneur".

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An MBA from GITAM University, Love to read and write articles. "Learning is a on-going process."