Mr perfect is on a project to change the game shows of India. Yes, Mr Aamir Khan legendary actor of Indian cinema is on a roll to present the facts happening in India. It is great that any celebrity have not initiated or worked on such TV shows But Aamir has done it, Thanks to his thought process. The TV show in Star Plus on Every Sunday at 11 am "Satyamev Jayate" has made the audience to rethink on their lifestyles, issues and happenings around.

The perfectionist has always reached to his fans expectations. If we look at his movies like sarfarosh, Tare Zameen Par, Rang De Basanti, 3idiots has inspired a lot of people. Most of the people have changed their mind set towards children after Tare Zameen par and for the life and careers after 3idiots. He has always inspired and tried to make a change in the society through his movies. He has always given social messages through his movies in fact it is implemented too. When an actor like him comes with a new hair style in Ghajini and Dil chahata hai his fans has done the same thing by changing their hair styles. The star inspires lot of people and he has initiated the way of change in the society through the new television Show "Satyamev Jayate".

The show as usual started with lot of expectations and it met too. Till now the show has done only two episodes but it has made a mark in the Industry. The facts that he is working or presenting in the show are amazing. It is unbelievable that a celebrity like him has tied a knot to change the issues in the society. We should salute to his thoughts and Initiation.

The show has presented two facts of Issues like female foeticide and Child Sex abuse in such a way that it has touched the hearts. Audience are expecting many more facts to come on picture and will make a change. In the first episode itself the show has got great response. The show is presenting the in-depth facts of happening India. Still there a query comes to our mind that will it change our thinking, resolve issues etc. or will it continue like a TV Show only. Let's not forget that Mr Perfect has already initiated the fast track court process with Rajashthan Government (First Episode). This shows that it can impact and change the game.

It is not that he is only fighting with these issues lets work together to resolve those and make a happy India. We hope the TV show will present much more facts to us and we will fight with Mr.Aamir Khan to resolve those. We should appreciate Mr Perfect for his initiation. Let's make a change.

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