We do some work in our daily routine. We do different kinds of work, whether small, big, comfortable or Uncomfortable. We take up different actions to perform in a day. But what does really matter when it comes of result for any work? The result can be in a perfect manner if the work is done in an organized way. In other way, to get the efficiency in output there should be a perfect Input with organized supporting activities. Hence, if we discuss for an activity to be delivered with efficiency then what we need to do? For any activity to be done in a proper way we require planning, Organizing, Controlling, and directing of the things.
Each activity seeks this. The work without all these can be done, but the result may not be as efficient as it with the above activities.

In other words to make the work in a smoother way and to deliver an efficient result we require all the planning and organized things. In chemical reactions, to make the process faster we require a catalyst, the same way for a work to be more active we require a catalyst that is "Management". "Management is to organize the things in a proper manner so as to deliver the result in an efficient manner." In layman terms "To make the work more easy by organizing the things in a planned way". Here a question arises what is the role of management in business?

Management in business can be defined as "A process of gathering people to form an organization and to achieve the goals/objective of the organization by planning, organizing, directing, controlling the daily happening business activities with the proper utilization of available resources".

The resource for an organization can be Human, financial, Technological and natural. Therefore by making a proper utilization of these the organization can achieve their success rate. It was first derived from the Italian word "mannagiare" which means to handle the things, then developed the word in French to" mesnagemnet". After that in the 17th and 18th century the word developed to management in English language. Hence the concept was present from those days but the implement is more at present.

The management in an organization includes the things such as planning, organizing, staffing, leading, coordinating, controlling and motivating. 1. Planning means to decide what to do in future? By discussing the past, current and future scenarios. There are lots of ways to do it. 2. Organizing the things, that is the proper utilization of available resources or the implementation of program. 3. Staffing is the next level in an organization, where the job analysis, recruitment, hiring takes place. 4. Directing, where the management takes time to make the things in a proper manner and makes the people to work for it. 5. controlling the things such as checking the things and to make clarifications on the mistakes that happened in the past.

If all these are management then what does we mean the management for an organization by referring persons? That is, when we speak about management of an organization it may refer to the Board of directors, then Middle management such as managers, Low level management such as executives. Therefore all these people are called as Management team, where they do all the activities of management to deliver efficiency for the customers.
The present scenario is getting changed in the organizations as well as in Education too. Each Organization is having their own way of doing the things. There becomes a demand for the education such as MBA to understand the Management activities and to implement it in the Organizations. Hence, Education levels are changing, depending upon the requirement in the organizations.

To be more practical, if we see an example of normal restaurant to the five star hotels we find the difference in terms of their presentation and Organizing of the things. But there are some normal hotels who do organize well. Here the thing is to explain the management of things. The more you organized the more you get response. Therefore management can be applicable in each scenario and at any point of our life. That is the role and Importance of management to make the things happen in a smoother way.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University, India.

Reference : Wikipedia