The front end of any company is sales. The reach to customer is through sales only for a company. It is the toughest and skill involved job to consider. It is not an easy thing to do for anyone, it involves a great task that is brain work such as the sales man needs to understand the customer and then propose solution from your end. It involves risk, pressure and handling capacity of situations. A sale is the word which itself gives the meaning of revenue for a company. Now days each and every company is working with sales and marketing. Most of the people misunderstood with these two words of sales and marketing. These are like twin brothers but not same. To reach market or customer sales is the only key for a company without spending money for promotions.

It involves lot of hectic to solve. Each company, whatever is the sector or industry works with sales only. Sales is again divided into different parts such as channel management and B2B sales or Institutional sales. Depending upon company and target customers it is further classified into different categories. For ex: if it is like FMCG, Cement, Chemicals etc are work on channel management where as AV solution, IT solutions and Space selling works with corporate and Institutional. Hence to reach all this customers and sell the product at their end is a tough task which is being easily handled by salesmen.

Salesman works on lot of things, they move up with different aspects. They need to do lot of works with planning and implementations. They need to do some step of works such as
i. Need to find the lead or target customer
ii. Interact with them and try to build relation
iii. Find out the need or create a need iv. Try to understand customers need, budget and so many things
iv. Competitive analysis
v. Working out on price
vi. If it is a partner case then working out with OEM's for price and delivery
vii. Tackling channel partners or dealers, distributors, retailer with lot of queries and solutions viii. Handling boss, team lead and team
ix. Working out on account mapping
x. Cold calls
xi. Telesales for appointment and promotions
xi. Last but not least Reports.

Hence doing all these work simultaneously is really tough for anyone. But this is the job that a salesman handles smartly.

Each and every salesman works on all these with all his efforts so as to reach the desired target. It takes time to understand market and customer but once it is done they are like missiles on war field they can do a better work. Entering into cold calls is the first and really tough task for the salesman. Handling all together without errors is a wonderful job. Anyone who knows what a sale is can really make wonders in his life as he will be king of market. Salesman is the person who understands the real need of customer and tries to solve that through different ways by putting efforts. Sometimes they look at the target and get depressed but they think of future and again work on this.

Even the Bollywood movies like "Rocket singh sales man of the year "has shown the hurdles and success of a sales man. Hence as the story of this movie the same is the life of a salesman in his profession. It's a tough task to draw the diagram with a breaking pencil. Sometimes the boss or lead, company may not support you to tackle the deal for pricing or delivery but they handle it smartly so there should not be any problem with the relationship of customer. These all are handled smartly by a salesman.

Hence to write about a salesman or sales will not be enough of pages. It takes long time to write on the message. But this is what a sale is and a salesman is.

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