The recognized true Indian Brand which fought with MNC's to change the rules of sales and marketing is Nirma. Their true and well designed strategy has helped them to win the hearts of end consumer in the Market. The company started by a single person and handled like anything which now handles more than 14,000 employees with a turnover of above Rs.2500 crores.

The one man army was Mr. Karsan Bhai Patel who has changed the scenario of marketing strategies. He wrote the sales and distribution ways of Indian market in a new sense. It has always given the "Value for Money" kind of products to the consumers. The company with a Mission like "Customer focused company committed to consistently offer better quality products and services that maximizes the value to the customer.

It is well known for its quality of products. Hence here the company really feels great to have such a product in the detergent category which has given or created a brand name for themselves in a tough competed market like India. This is about company and Brand.

To get the start of the company as, A science graduate who was working in a Government Lab. As Junior chemist has created a history. He used to mix the detergent in the back side of their home and pack them in a polythene bag. After that he used to move door-to-door to sell the product. It took a rough road but accepted by the customers for the better quality it has. So the science graduate and Junior chemist is well known as Dr. KarsanBhai Patel.

Then it started the revolution with better quality of product for lesser prices. It has done a great change in the Indian detergent market. It was called as a Nirma revolution......

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