Selling is an art. Most of us feel that selling is an inherent thing and it does initiates from the childhood days. But the other part of sales is that it is an art if you learn then even you can do your numbers. There is nothing like inherent it is a skill which needs a practice and zeal to learn for applying concepts in the field. Sales cannot be done just like that; it needs a lot passion and patience too. People talk about a qualification can make a better salesperson. For ex: if a person passes MBA Marketing as specialization then a thought comes to mind that he or she can be great salespersons. But remember one thing dear it is all about field experiences and convincing your customer. No doubt that in MBA Marketing you will learn lot of concepts of marketing, sales and distribution and so on. But it needs a field talk with customer to hit the numbers of sales.

Let me take you through one example , a student who has just passed MBA Marketing and SCM as his specialization and joined in a company as a sales executive. After the training the boy got a task of developing a territory and increases the numbers in that area. As a fresher he has lot of zeal to sell and develop the territory. That's great that he has great knowledge of concepts of marketing and sales. Day one he went to meet his dealer or channel partner and had a great discussion about his part of life and so on but a lower end discussion on business and territory. Then he asked the dealer let's move to the field tomorrow as we need to sale high this time. The partner said ok, both started to field the next day. They were moving to all customers of dealers but no results out. Then the boy moved to his place and again arrived after one month and from the day one they started to meet the customers for four days continuously but no results of at least prospect. But the next day one customer was showing interest about the product and then the boy started giving sales pitch in English and at the end of conversation customer told him it is ok but I do not need it now. Then the boy was sitting idle but the partner stared talking in regional language with the customer by saying that the product or projector gives you longer lamp life where you can save a rental charges of Rs.15-18K which made the customer to rethink and he has a given a cheque to the dealer for delivering the product . It made the boy to shock and after completing the call the boy asked him it is great that in a single talk you have done it. The partner is a graduate not even a BBA or MBA. The partner told that in this conversation the customer told that he has spent that amount of money for rental purpose which is a waste for him and which is a solid point for sale of our product. Then the boy learned the lessons that "know the pain and need of the customer to sell the product not the concepts". But after a period of one year the boy started applying both the concepts of MBA and field sales it made him to hit his numbers and developing the territory in a three months of time.

But if we talk about MBA marketing then it has its place, all you need to know where and how you should apply the concepts which will come only after on filed experience. A sale is a part of our life where each one of us do whatever be the profession it may be? For Ex: For something in personal, to get a smile or for a healthier relationship between two we always try to convince the other. For a chocolate to buy a child try to convince his or her father, for promotion to our boss, for relief from pains to god and so on. Hence selling does happen at every point of time. Let's don't mess up this with qualification but it does have its role to play in sales.

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The example is not related to any one external, This is for understanding the concept.

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